The Appalachian Arts and Entertainment Awards seeks to celebrate art in all its forms and recognize the artists from or living in our communities all along the Appalachian Mountains who are making the world a more beautiful place to live in through art. We recognize artists from as many art mediums as possible as well as people who are actively teaching an art form to kids or adults. We believe in furthering and protecting the the arts as an important cultural source of creativity and good. 

We look forward to this years Appalachian Arts and Entertainment Awards and hope to see you there as we honor artists from across the Appalachian regional states. 

2024 Appy's
March 15, 2024

How it Works


Nominees must be from or currently living in an Appalachian state. The Appalachian Region includes 13 states. It includes, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

In order to be considered an example of their work must be submitted in the nomination form. 

Nominees may be nominated for more than one award, but a separate form must be submitted. 


All eligible nominees will be put on a ballot in their category. This ballot will be shared publicly for anyone to vote. **One vote per voter. One (1)

The top 3 people from each category and their work will be submitted to a panel of qualified judges.


A Winner in every category is selected by the Appalachian Arts & Entertainment Awards Judging Panel based on their top average ratings.


All eligible nominees will be placed on a ballot under their category of nomination. People wishing to cast a vote need to go the vote page when it is live to cast their ballot. You may only cast one vote per person. The top three nominees of each category will be submitted to a panel of judges to select a winner.