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Questions and Answers

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The Appalachian Arts and Entertainment Awards seeks to celebrate art in all its forms and recognize the artists from or living in our communities all along the Appalachian Mountains who are making the world a more beautiful place to live in through art. Nominate an artist you love today!  

Industry Artists

These are the people who make art accessible. Venues, recording studios, and more. 


Celebrate the people making music in your state! Vocalists, guitarists, pianist and more.


Teachers sharing art with others to inspire creativity. Band directors, art teachers, dance instructors and more.

Written Works

Any book or written work of any subject or style. Best author or best children’s author. 


Every form of music has something to offer. Americana, metal, jazz, country, classical and more.


Best original movie, short film, or documentary as well as the EP of the year.

Visual Arts

Art created for appearance using a variety of mediums including paint, clay, or even digital programs. 

Culinary Arts

Diverse cuisine provided by all sorts of regional chefs from various restraunts or private establishments.

Technical Production

Those behind the scenes, that get the stage set, lights rolling, and to making everyone look their best for their role.

Artisans and Craftsmanship

Art created from the hands of those who have labored away to display their creations to others.


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