Nomination Category: Education

This category celebrates the achievements of students and teachers that are from or currently living in one of the Appalachian states. Scholarships are available for selected students. Please fill out the form below to nominate a school or teacher you admire. Nominations are accepted until September 30, 2020  2020. Nominees will be announced  on August 29, 2020 at which point the polls will be opened! We will send out links to vote via our Facebook page and email. Winners will be announced March 20, 2021 at the Awards Ceremony. Tickets can be purchased here!

*Nominees agree to appear for a video taped interview.Date, time and interview location will be sent to all of the top five nominees in each category.

Sub Categories:

  1. Best MIDDLE school Band (Concert, Marching, Pep) 
  2. Best MIDDLE school Theater/Drama/Speech/Acting
  3. Best MIDDLE school choir
  4. Best HIGH school Band (Concert, Marching, Pep)
  5. Best HIGH school Theater/Drama/Speech/Acting
  6. Best HIGH school choir 
  7. Best Music Educator (Elementary, Middle, High, and College, Private,) 
  8. Best Acting/Drama/Speech/ Educator (Elementary, Middle, High, and College, Private,)
  9. Best Dance Educator (Elementary, Middle, High, and College, Private,)
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